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Web casino in the capacity of relaxation

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Hi my gentle reader. It was so long time from my last post. Now I’m understanding what hard kind of job I’ve chosen. Lots of people can think that psychologist is a very simple profession, you only listen for peoples problems and give them typical advices what to do or what to take on mind. Sounds very easy, but it’s a pity, it’s not so simple as it seems to be from the first sight. Its very hard and harassing labour to have a method of approaching to every client, to drill down into their life and problems, to understand their matters and give them valuable advices.

Present time I don’t have new clients, but my regular clients take more and more my time. So I’m very busy with my work and I have a little free time for my own interests. You should know from my last posts that I like to drink a little alcohol, but now, in short of free time I stopped drinking. It’s time to think about myself, not to waste my own free time.

When I have some free time for entertainment I try to have as much fun as I can. Thereby web casino give me relaxation that I need. Playing casino blackjack or casino roulette is not demanding much time and it’s brings a lot of fun and joy. Video poker is too make me passion and it is very fast, I can play it when I’m short in time. I think that casino gambling is more fascinating entrainment than watching TV with their silly programs or reading books and pulp novels.

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Last week was quite hard. I had three new clients with their new problems and, of course, more working time. All of them are in a grave condition. They have problems at work and at home. One of them was fired in case of downsizing corporation, where he has been working. He has found a new job less payable job. He appraises his working qualities much better than new employer and he has found a way to get out from his problems with drinking after working day. Other two new clients think the same – drink a little and have a good sleep. Drinking is not a solution of peoples problems, but I can’t boast my results in solving my problems.

I’m giving advices to all my clients, but I cant give an advice to myself. In contrast to my new clients I combine a little drinking with gamble online. I don’t think that I’m an habitual drunkenness and I have web casino dependence, it’s only the best way to relax and get out from my constant strained condition. I know, that drinking and web casino gambling cant bring positive result to you and especially to you health, but I one know, it’s help to relax, to have a little fun and simply, to spend your free time with some interest. I plan to restrict my needs of entertainment and give up drinking. This sounds like I’m an a alcoholic with old-time. No I’m just want to limit consumption of alcoholic drinks to one glass of wine during my online casino gambling, of course.

Boring weekends

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

This weekends was too boring for me, because I was bust with cleaning my house. I’ve got tired and at the end of weekend days watching TV was only one entertainment for me at the evening. After watching some programs about world economics crisis and Discovery Channel I felt bored. There was only one way out of that situation, online casino could give me some positive emotions.

Lying at my bed with a glass of wine at the floor I was playing online casino on my laptop. Wine helped me to relax and gambling was like a banal occupation that helps from boring feelings. I tried to play all games that I’ve seen at online casino: BlackJack, European and American Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slots, Poker. But mostly I’ve draw attention to European Roulette. Fats spins and easy betting’s maked this game an ideal for me at that time. At that time I was really tired and I didn’t wanted some intellectual tension. That’s why my betting policy was based on random stakes in expectation of luck. But luck is a very strange thing, surely it visited me very seldom. I was not distressed or felt some irritation, I felt passion and a little joy when assent to come to me.

Very soon I had begun to think about my money. How much I’ve lost? It’s a secret, but I was expected this results. What were you waiting for while drink alcohol and gamble? Yes, simple answer. Passion is not so good thing, especially when you are under alcohol, but it’s really funny. Next I tried to play BlackJack and Keno. BlackJack gave me fast profit, Keno has burned my fairly earned money. It’s simply ridiculous! Next try was slots and video poker with out any good or bet results. At the ending of my gambling time I had loss, but online casino brighten up my weekends, this the main thing, that I felt some interest of playing, exciting and of course passion.

My attitude to online casino

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Previous post was about gambling dependence and some advices and you may ask: “What about your attitude to online casinos?” Good question, I will say, that I have a sui generic dependence too. I don’t want to say that I’m looking for money, jackpots or passion. For me online casino is a relax resource. I have 5 – 6 clients during my working day, I must pay them all my attention, listen what they are saying and give them advices. Some of them tells me terrible moments of their life, which pumps not good feelings and some suspence. That’s why, after every session with any of my clients, I must have some relax. Cup of coffee and online casino helps me to overcome that feelings in short time. I prefer to play BlackJack, Video Poker or Roulette. I play BlackJack most of all, because it has some calculations, simple rules and fast spins.

I have begun to play online casino when I have finished university and when I’ve got a job. Some of my clients has an gambling dependence, they was asking about some advices, but I couldn’t tell them something useful, because I have never played casino games. That’s why I was needed to have a try of gambling. Soon, playing online casino became a regular thing . I’ve found a new relax tools. Yes I have dependence of gambling, but it don’t disturbing me, it only helps me to feel better. I don’t play on big stakes and fall in passion, I don’t think that gambling is wasting of my money. I’m playing for fun, but I like to win and I’m very glad when I take profit.

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

In truth, only a few people have accidental luck, real success begins from goal-settings and programs that will be developed in your strategy of your actions. For example coach of any sports team for week’s researches opponents and then makes a plan of that will bring him a winning result.

Lots of people comes to online casinos with a considerable amount of money and plays all games that online casino propose them. It continues until they will lose their deposits. I don’t think that those people would feel some positive after such experience. But you can find more pleasure if you will spend a few minutes to make a plan of actions. Here are some advices that will help you to achieve your aims:
1. Plan your time. How much time you want to spend in online casino is the main thing that you must take into consideration.
2. Plan diversity. You must think about how else you may spend your time besides of gambling. It’s would be a good idea to offset gambling with other occupations. It will help you to divert and to gain some strength and concentration.
3. Plan cash resources. You must think about what amount of money you are ready to win or to lose and how much stakes to make. I recommend you to make a loss limit at 50% of your startup money.
4. Course of game. You must chose any game you want to play in online casino. Don’t test your luck, going from one game to another. It’s more useful to read some basically strategies of a game you have chosen. If you think that you have only loses and it is a bad time to play, you can make a rest in any time you want. Try to play another time.
5. You must remember that your mood, enjoy of playing and concentration will help to achieve your aims. Don’t let somebody to break your plans.

Dependence on gambling

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Today I want to tell you something about gambling dependence. Scientists find out that the amount of problem people, ridden by gambling is over 4%. This amount doesn’t depend on geographical locations and degrees of popularity casinos in these regions.

When do the gambling dependence starts? I think that we cant align this moment, but we can that it begins from your first casino visiting. You have once make your first stake and you begin to struggle with yourself. We can extract some symptoms of gambling dependence. First of all it’s increasing the time, you spending playing in casino games, changes in range of your interests, losing control of yourself, when loses or winnings cant stop you.

You can recognize gambling dependence by psychical discomfort, anxiety and irritability at what person fall in small period of time. It’s like a withdrawal pains, sleeping disturbance, falling your mood and concentration, headache. As usual gambling dependence goes in common with alcohol abusing. Typical situation, when person becomes dependent on gambling, is family relationships and working problems. Belong to a game person slowly losing threads that tied him with real world.

Online casino paradox

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

You can think that it is something strange, but internet statistic shows that under today’s world financial crisis more and more people keep an eye to gambling. Most of them has already registered an online casino accounts.

People are looking for some way of getting out of stress in those bad times of world economics and some of them want to earn easy money in short time.

So as the government continue to play with us and with our money (you should look at your taxes), people also wants to play with their finances in online casino.

It’s looks like as paradox, when the world economics pulling down, people has began to play in online casino and I think they will continue playing whatever happens.

Why I had chose online casino?

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Good game for you

Good game for you

You may ask why I prefer to play online casino, not traditional. The answer is simple, my profession is psychologist and I have formed a habit to concentrate in everything I do. Traditional casinos are so noisy, that it is hard to concentrate, that’s why my choice was online casino. And I want to recommend you UK Casino Club.

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My interests in online casino

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

I want to tell you

I want to tell you

Most of people can say that casino is an evil. I don’t like such propositions. If you think so, why are you playing and losing your money?  If you don’t like gambling don’t play, nobody force you to play casino, you are free in your choice. It’s like as McDonalds antiadvertising, all says that fast-food is harmful to our health and gave a lot of shortcomings, but lots of people eats at McDonalds, when they are hungry. People, who wins money will not say such point of view, that casino is an evil. Online casino is like a lottery. Lots of people buy lottery tickets, but winners are a few people. I don’t want to say that winning in any casino game is a great luck, I’m only want you to know all risks of losing your money and may be a time before you will play online casino. You may be interesting about mine attitude to online casinos. I don’t negatively think about online casinos, I can only say that I like it.

As for me, I can play all games that online casino provides (Roulette, BlackJack, Poker, Keno, Slots), but I think that a Progressive Jackpots are hard to win, but the reward of the winnings is greate.

My thoughts about gamblers

Originally published at UK Casino Club Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Hi, I want to tell you about myself. My name is Lisa Hood, 25 years old, I live in Austria. I’m a psychologist, I give consultations to a lot of people, most of them are gamblers of online casino. Sometimes I play online casino too and I want to share my observations about gambling.

I'm a player

I'm a player

At first we must find out why people are playing online casinos. One people play online casino only for pleasure or the want to relax after a hard working day. They know beforehand that they will lose some money. Others people make themselves an aim to win some money and after a winnings they usually fall in passion and with raising their stakes they lose all their profit. And what is the most vexing, they continue playing losing their money. Lots of people cant imagine their life with out gambling. They play casino everywhere at their laptops, when they have a free time. And only a few of them earn money playing online casinos.

Most of you think that it is impossible to beat a casino in any game. I don’t think that it’s true. Casino only have an advantage of 3% - 10%, that depends of a game you have been chosen and with the right approaching to a game you can make casino advantage to 0%.